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Animal Sounds Storytime

N is for Noise, and we made a ton of noise at Animals Sounds storytime!

We read:

Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear? by Bill Martin, Jr.

The classic zoo sounds tale.

Concept: Animal sounds



What Noise Does a Rabbit Make? by Carrie Weston

Raggety-Taggle the rabbit wonders what noise a rabbit should make until he becomes the object of a whole-farm chase scene, after which he decides silence has its virtues. My one quibble with this book: rabbits do make noise aside from thumping their feet as our hero does. They make an awful squealing noise when they feel the situation calls for it!

Concept: Animal sounds

Say Hello Like This! by Mary Murphy

This rhyming book about how animals say hello not only gives you the chance to make noise, but also plenty of opportunity to act out animal motions.

Concepts: Animal sounds. Rhyme.


Who Hoots? by Katie Davis

This book goes the opposite way ’round from “the cow says moo.” Instead, it asks what animal makes each sound and gives you three wrong answers before the correct answer. You can ask your storytimers which one is right, or you can pretend to think the right ones are wrong and the wrong ones right. Yelling, “No, that’s not it!” at an adult is extremely fun for the kids.

Concepts: Animal sounds.



Yes, app. Don’t worry, I’m not going overboard and replacing my flannelboard with apps or even planning to use an app in every storytime, but I wanted something that would make real animal noises, and the app I used let me play the sound, have the kids guess the animal, and then show them the photo on the screen afterward. I would probably not recommend the app for children to use, though–tons of ads. I used Animal Sounds on my Nook tablet. I have no idea whether it’s safe or malware or whatever; I found it in the Play Store and went with it. There’s a Fisher-Price app that’s similar but reads the name of the animal immediately with no way to stop it.

Action Songs

Old MacDonald Had a Zoo

Farm, zoo, samesies! I asked the kids what lives in a zoo. Silence. Finally, from a three-year-old: “Animals!” Yes! Animals! Like…what kind of animals? Silence. Same boy: “Elephants!” Then they all chimed in. I took their list and we sang about those animals, ending with the giraffe. Why end there? Because none of us knew what a giraffe says. Que sera!

I Went Walking to Town One Day

I went walking to town one day
Oh, it was a beautiful day!
As I went walking to town one day
I met a cow along the way.
And what do you think that cow did say?

Source: Mel’s Desk

On Mel’s Desk, she says she used puppets with this song, which is a great idea since you can fit it to whatever you’ve got in your puppet collection. I named animal off the top of my head and at the end of each verse, I asked whether we should say hi back (bunnies, dogs, cats) or run away (lions!)


Picture to come! I forgot to take one. We made animal sounds wheels out of two paper plates held together by a brad through the middle. The top plate had two windows cut into it. The bottom plate had three sounds written on it across from three spaces for gluing die cut miniature farm animals that matched the sounds, so when you turn the top plate, the animal and the sound matching it are revealed at the same time. I precut the windows and brad holes and let parents and kids assemble and color their wheels together.


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