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Jobs Storytime

J is for Jobs!

We read:

LMNO Peas by Keith Baker

These peas do it all, from acrobatics to volunteering, and they do it alphabetically in rhyme. Peas are talented, even if they taste disgusting.

Concepts: Rhyme. Alphabet. Vocabulary.


Shhhhh! Everybody’s Sleeping by Julie Markes

Despite the nondescript and somewhat creepy–check out that bunny!–cover art, this bedtime story actually focuses on occupations, showing different professionals all over town bedding down for the night in themed bedrooms. For example, the grocer sleeps in his produce department with a giant cabbage as his headboard, and the doctor snoozes in a hospital bed.

Concepts: Rhyme.

I Can Be Anything by Jerry Spinelli

There are occupations, and there are occupations. The hero of this story imagines everything he could be, from dandelion-blower to puppy snuggler, and decides on all of them. I liked including this reminder that growing up isn’t all about finding a job some day. It’s also about discovering everything you love! We had fun acting out all the suggested “jobs.”

Concepts: Rhyme. Imagination.

My Bus by Byron Barton

This little bus driver goes all over town to pick up dogs and cats and take them to the next leg of their commute home, be it boat, train, or plane, and then drives home with the final dog…his own!

Concepts: Counting. Addition and subtraction.



Guess the Job


I traced a foam gingerbread man from our holiday decorations and then made him/her little outfits. As I changed the outfits, I gave the storytimers clues on what job the gingerbread person would do in the outfit and let them guess. The white coat doubles as chef and doctor, and the blue doubles as police officer and postal carrier. All outfits were cut freehand.

Action Songs

Some people work as firefighters or librarians or teachers. Some people have less easily defined jobs. Then there’s Joe, who works in the button factory! We did Button Factory from last year’s Buttons Storytime.

Job Song (Tune: Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush):
This is the way the bus driver drives
The bus driver drives
The bus driver drives
This is the way the bus driver drives
When she does her work.
(Continue with other jobs… This is the way the chef cooks, teacher reads, barber cuts, musician plays, etc.)

Source: I Like Big Books


When I Grow Up

We borrowed the craft idea from Storytime Katie’s Jobs Storytime.

How It Went: Well, that depends on who you ask! My organization was in the midst of hiring a new director the week of this storytime, so our outreach coordinator very nicely offered to take my first session so I could talk to the third candidate. She had a very young group and felt the topic went over their heads. I took the second session and also had a very young group, but they seemed to understand. Her group had trouble with the flannel set, and mine only had trouble getting “chef” or “cook.” Best moment: I asked if anyone could explain the word “job,” and the only 5-year-old said, “It’s where you have to do something that you don’t like doing.” Ha ha! Oh, honey, I have certainly had those jobs. My group seemed to have fun, though, and one of them learned the word “chef” and decided it’s what he wants to be when he grows up. Pretty cool.

This week, O was for Owls, and I will try to get that post up before the coming week, in which A will be for Autumn.


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