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Ah, the end of another storytime series. Well, at least, today was the end of the series for me. For the next month, I’ll visit local schools and scream my lungs out about how SRP is the most fun, amazing, life-changing experience the students will ever have. I have a sub who will take over half my lapsit and storytime sessions, and the other sessions will resume in June. My wrap up for my school readiness based series was: R is for Reading!

I wanted to do something that would allow kids who are already reading a little to show off while also letting kids who aren’t reading yet join the fun. The solution? One- and two-word books! When the only word on the page is always the SAME word, kids can “read” it when they see it. They can also tell the difference between two very different-looking words enough so that they know which is their word and which is some other word.

We read:

Moo! by David LaRochelle

There was a farmer had a cow and it became a car thief! A cow steals its farmer’s car, goes for a joyride, wrecks it in an accident with a cop car, gets told off by the cop, gets in trouble with the farmer, and blames it all on an innocent sheep. Hilarious! The only spoken word in the entire book? Moo!

Concept: Sight word.

style=Duck, Duck, Moose! by Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen

We did this one after Moo! because “moose” and “moo” look a lot alike and sound a lot alike. A group of tidy, somewhat anal ducks are constantly doing fussy housekeeping things, and their buddy the clumsy moose is always accidentally wrecking it all. I just asked the storytimers to read the MOOSE! parts, but soon they were reading the word “duck” because of their awareness of the text’s structure and also through process of elimination. Smarties!

Concept: Sight words.

Hug by Jez Alborough

Bobo the chimp is separated from his mom AGAIN. That chimp is always wandering off on his own. It’s amazing nothing has eaten him. Anyway, he jealously watches all the other animals hug until finally he’s reunited with his mom thanks to a ride from their buddy the elephant. Sweet.

Concept: Sight word.


Flannelboard: BINGO

I thought I had a picture of this flannelboard already up on this blog, but it appears I do not. It’s just a brown dog and the letters B, I, N, G, and O cut out of felt, and as we sing the “Bingo Was His Name-o” song, I remove the appropriate letters. Then I ask the kids to help me put the letters back in the correct order after the song is over. This set lives in our Dogs Kit, and I will try to remember to take a picture but make zero promises.

Action Song

It’s not reading-related, strictly speaking, but we did The Penguin Dance because FUN. You can find the link to it in the Snow Storytime post.

Craft: Bookmarks

I put out cardstock blanks shaped like bookmarks, foam letter stickers, dinosaur foam stickers (just because), and sequins, then gave everyone crayons and glue and turned them loose. Beautiful bookmarks resulted. One girl hodge-podged a bunch of differently shaped sequins and spangles together, added some crayon details, and made an angel.

How It Went: All the books were not only easy to read together, they were cute and funny, so the storytimers fell in love with them. Moo! is a true winner because it’s funny to everyone, not just the children. This plan carried through beautifully, apart from my second session spelling “Big No” instead of “Bingo” at the end of the song.

I’ll be back in June with science storytimes!


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