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Five Senses Storytime

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We used to have a kit about Ears and a kit about Sight/Eyes. However, neither kit stood on its own particularly well, so I combined them, added some books and created the Five Senses kit. The five senses are a concept kids have to address in school, and giving them an early start with the information helps them to build their vocabulary and understand how our bodies help our minds make sense of the world. As much as anyone can make sense of the world, that is.

Our letter was T for Taste and also Touch.

We read:

Five for a Little One by Chris Raschka

Cute, somewhat Japanese-art-inspired explanation of the five senses using some nice descriptive vocabulary. A similar title is My Five Senses by Aliki.

Concept: Five senses


I Saw the Sea and the Sea Saw Me by Megan Montague Cash

A charming little girl uses her five senses to explore the sea and imagines the sea is doing the same. All’s well until a jellyfish stings her, but she has no hard feelings despite a two-page tantrum during which she calls everything around her “stupid.” If you have parents who are all “Stupid is a bad word in our house!”, just clip those pages together and skip them. It doesn’t hurt the story or the verse.

Concept: Five senses

Thump Thump Rat-a-tat-tat by Gene Baer

This one came from the old Ears kit. A marching band grows closer and closer then gets farther and farther away to the repeated sounds of THUMP, THUMP, Rat-a-tat-tat! I had the kids stomp their feet for the thumps and clap for the rat-a-tat-tats. The similes in this are a little weird, but making noise is fun! You could also make drums or hand out drums, depending on your bravery and your budget.

Concept: Close and far

Nosy Rosie by Holly Keller

Rose is so good at finding lost items by smell, her family calls her Nosy Rosie. She hates the nickname so much, she stops finding things. But when her little brother is in trouble, she’s more than willing to poke her nose in (literally).

Concept: Sense of smell



Splendid Senses (Tune: The Bear Went Over the Mountain)
My (eyes) are made for (seeing).
My (eyes) are made for (seeing).
My (eyes) are made for (seeing).
So I can (see) my world.

Continue with the following: ears…hearing, nose…smelling,
mouth…tasting, hands…touching

Source: Miss Meg’s Storytime

First, I put the blank face on the board. We’d already discussed our senses, so I asked the storytimers what the face needed and why. With each addition, we sang the appropriate verse of the song. And yes, I know the face is really freaking creepy. Just trust me, it’s much less scary in storytime with discussion and singing. No one panicked or cried. Not even me.


Action Rhyme:

The Sensey Pokey

Yes, I’ve been Hokey-Pokeying the world lately. This one is blinking eyes, sniffing nose, hearing ears, touching hands, and tasting tongue. The tongue part is the best because your tongue is stuck out and you can’t sing intelligibly, and then you shake it all about. Laughs galore.


Five Senses Face

The idea here is that everything reflects the sense it’s associated with, so the ears are bells for sound, the nose is a button because it has holes like the ones we use for smelling (nostrils), the mouth is elbow macaroni because it’s a food, the hands are cotton balls for the texture, and the eyes are…eyes. You can find several versions of this craft online, including a cute bear.


How It Went:

This happened last week, so I don’t remember it very well because it was followed by tons of traveling. Also, I only did one session. However, we had a lot of fun talking about our senses, and the storytimers knew quite a bit about them. The one issue they had was distinguishing between the sense and the body part, but that gives their parents something to discuss at home.


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