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Shapes Storytime

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Last year, this was the time when this blog got derailed and I fell hopelessly behind and didn’t catch up until September. This year, I’ve once again got the toxic vortex of sickness and travel working on me, but I’m going to try to make the center hold this time.

This week, our letter was R for Rectangle because we talked about shapes!

We read:

Shape by Shape by Suse MacDonald

In this cumulative book, die cut pages build up into a picture of a huge dinosaur. My one issue is that the dinosaur is on the cover. Hello, spoiler!

Concept: Shapes


It Looked Like Spilt Milk by Charles G. Shaw

A white blob looks like many different objects but is finally revealed to be a cloud in the sky. This book was a nice tie-in with our flannelboard.

Concept: Shape/form



Perfect Square by Michael Hall

A perfect square learns how much fun breaking out of your box can be as it gets torn into bits and turns itself into a flower garden, cut into ribbons and turns itself into a park, and so on. Although it’s not really funny, the kids giggled at all the illustrations.

Concept: Abstraction

The Wing on a Flea by Ed Emberly

This classic looks at all the things shapes can be (like a triangle, which can be a wing on a flea!)

Concept: Shapes
Flannelboard: Shape Portrait

We used my Carol Ryrie Brink portrait flannel set from last year’s Art Storytime.

Action Rhymes

The Shapey Pokey

Make shapes with your arms, use the words of Hokey Pokey, but put your triangle/rectangle/circle in and out.

How It Went:

Oh geez. So, I was only here for the first session, and since all of the older kids who come to that one were sick, I had about 6 toddlers and babies and the storytime was way over their heads. I dropped the fourth book and we went straight to craft time, where we made shape bugs similar to the ones on Cozy Kindergarten.

Apparently the second session went much better. According to my coworker who stood in, she had a decent sized crowd of preschoolers who were perfectly able to follow the thread. They wanted her to tell me that I should make more pieces for the flannel set: “eyes, which are circles, and a nose, which would be a triangle.” Also, they got creative and made shape people and robots in addition to bugs. I’m glad they had such a good time. Age really is everything.

Next week, Five Senses!


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