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Hats Storytime

I only wear hats if it’s cold out or if I’m in costume, and since it’s getting to be the season for both of those things, breaking out the hat storytime kit seemed appropriate.

We read:

The Hat by Jan Brett

A hedgehog gets a sock stuck on his head with hilarious consequences as shown in Brett’s typically wonderful illustrations.

Interactivity factor: Who cares? Everyone loves The Hat.



Jennie’s Hat by Ezra Jack Keats

Jennie wants a beautiful, flowery, fancy hat, but her aunt sends her a very plain hat for her birthday. However, her wish comes true when the birds she feeds in the park every Saturday thank her by decorating her hat.

Interactivity factor: Low. Also, it’s a little long for preschoolers, but I just cut a few sentences, and they loved the pictures.


A Hat for Minerva Louise

Yes, I Minerva Louise-d twice in two weeks. And I’m not sorry.





This is Not My Hat by Jon Klassen

A little fish steals a big fish’s hat, but he’ll probably get away with it…probably. Or he’ll be eaten alive.

Interactivity factor: Low



Action Rhyme

Silly Hat Dance

On my head, I have a hat. It is such a silly hat
That my head will wobble to and fro.
Where else can my silly hat go?

(Elbow, knee, hands, feet, etc)

Source: Sur la Lune


Little Cat

Little cat, little cat,
Are you behind the (color name) hat?

little cat


Die cut hats (like in the flannel set but paper). Sequins. Feathers. Glue. Yes, I’m on a lazy craft streak. I realize this.

How It Went

Fun times! The books made everyone laugh, grownups included. I was a little nervous about doing This is Not My Hat, but the moms liked it and the kids seemed to accept my “crime doesn’t pay” explanation for the hero of the story getting eaten. Of course the kids LOVED the flannelboard since it was a guessing game. The Silly Hat song was about half meh, half “no more books play game forever” for my Wednesday session, and was a solid hit for the Thursday session. I’d already asked myself, “If some kid suggests butt as a hat location, should I do it?” and decided, “What the heck, sure.” And so, when an eager little guy yelled “Bottom!” when I asked where the hat could go, I put a hat on my butt and we all shook our booties.

Next week, Pizza! Maybe! Depending! Because I really hate the Pizza kit and am thinking about just giving it the shoe which is shaped like Italy!


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